Thursday, 11 October 2012

The Perfect Smile, For the Perfect Day

While a bride’s smile may be radiant, her true beauty is in the eyes. The sparkle when she first sees her groom, the glimmer when she laughs, every shade in whatever color her eyes are. But to make the most of your gorgeous eyes, it’s your eyelashes that bring out their best. You see it yourself when you finish your going-out look with a few quick swipes of your everyday mascara. A great coating just makes your eyes pop.

For your wedding day, you can improve on that pop with a bit of extra perfection.

False Eyelashes
If you haven’t used false eyelash strips before, it’s going to take some practice. Make that a lot of practice. Those wispy little strips of curled lashes take a practiced hand, the ideal application of eyelash glue, and confidence as you get used to feeling something foreign above your lash line. When you try it out a few times, you’ll get the hang of it. The key is to buy quality sets (buy more than one, because you will mangle the first few) and practice. Look for curved lashes set on a colored strip, not a clear one. The clear strips need a coating of liquid liner to hide the strips and adhesive. Done badly, it looks fake.

Warning: some eyelash adhesives contain Latex, so if you have allergies, stay away from this type of adhesive glue.

Eyelash Extensions
The rich and famous can’t be bothered to apply their own false eyelashes, so they go to the pros. And as the Bride, you may want the VIP treatment for yourself. So seek out a quality salon with an expert who applies lash extensions, and get ready to hand over that credit card. The application is flawless, and the lash extensions will last for 2-3 months, but you’ll pay about $300 for the first application, and additional $100 payments for the touchups you’ll need every two weeks. Many women say it’s worth it to have lush lashes every minute of the day for the weeks leading up to the wedding, for all of the showers and parties leading up to the big day. Their eyes always look amazing.

Eyelash Partials
The full strip might not be the look you want. If you just need some extra fullness in the middle of your lash line, or – as is most often the case – on the outer edges, then eyelash partials are for you. Done yourself or by a salon professional, eyelash partials applied to the outer edges of your lash line provide extra drama. Tweezers and adhesive set the tiny lash partials right where you need them, and you can find partials in a range of thicknesses, from super-fine to super-full. Some match a natural, rounded shape, and others flare out for added effect. Partials will range in cost depending on the size and thickness you require, how many you need, and the brand you purchase.

Mascara Magic
If you’re like most women, your mascara regimen consists of a few basic swipes up the front of your lash line. It’s always worked for you, but you can improve upon this look by using our top tips for improved mascara application:
·    First, use an eyelash curler to get a nice, rounded curl to your natural lashes.
·    Wipe off your eyelash brush to get any old clumps off, and then re-insert your mascara wand into your mascara container. Do not pump the wand in the bottle, since that pushes air into the bottle and dries out your mascara.
·    Apply mascara primer, which is the new, essential first step.
·    Apply a very thin dusting of powder below your bottom lashes, so that your mascara isn’t pulled down into the cream of your foundation.
·    Wiggle the mascara wand at the base of your lashes, which is where the volume will show. Most women think that extra coverage on the ends of their lashes makes the effect, but the opposite is true.
·    Apply your first coating on the back of your top eyelashes, and then on the front.
·    Apply your second coat right away, before the first layer has dried, to prevent clumping.
·    Use a much lighter touch on your lower lashes, coating just the outer half of your lower lashes. Doing the inner part can make your eyes look closer together.
·    Of course, use waterproof mascara…this is your wedding day!
·    Try not to blink for 5 seconds to allow your mascara to set.

Mascara Colors and Accents
We all remember J.Lo’s brown mink lash extensions, and that look made headlines. For your wedding, though, let your gown and your smile make the headlines. Strange colors, mini rhinestones on the ends of your lashes, and other oddities take away from your natural beauty.

The color of your mascara can open your eyes in amazing ways, so keep an open mind about potentially wearing a different color mascara than you’re used to. Here are the general mascara color rules according to your coloring:
·    Blondes should wear brown mascara for daytime looks, going for a brown-black in the evening.
·    Black and brown mascara look good on every other haircolor.
·    If you have blue eyes, a dark blue mascara will bring out the color of your baby blues.
·    If you have brown eyes, consider a plum mascara, which brings out the hues in your brown or dark hazel eyes.
·    Green eyes can be accented by deep hunter green mascara, but that depends on the shade of green eyes that you have. Sometimes, a deep brown will work better.

A makeup artist can experiment with you to find the best mascara color for you, and help you perfect your mascara application if you’ll be doing your own makeup on the day of your wedding. This pro can also suggest the ideal brand of mascara, faux lashes or partials, and advise on the best application tips for your shape of eyes. Contact lens wearers should also ask about potential irritants and other issues, and of course if you’re wearing false eyelashes or partials, you’ll want to ask for a primer on removing them without ripping out your own eyelashes, washing them and storing them for future use.

Do they make a good impression? Absolutely. Many brides say they found a new favorite thing for going-out nights, special occasions, and… well, let’s just say that faux lashes become a part of their seduction wardrobes. Something to think about for the honeymoon.

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