Thursday, 11 October 2012

Bridal Beauty Nails Art

bridal nails

Fingernails and toenails are a very important part of the beauty of each. But sometimes makes the rules of each case, the nails can not be overlooked
While married to take some time to take care of your nails and pampering they deserve love and care.
That is why the bride has to take care and attention to your nails fans for the day. Here are some tips to help you identify and you can take care of the nails, on this basis and keep in good shape your nails are the best and wedding.Normal easy to handle. They are pink and grow healthy nails easily.Soft of slow growth, poor health wise and tend to bend easily without effort cooked.
Health can improve nail hardeners, and put a pair of gloves to do chores that direct contact with water, like dishwashers and nails are easily recognizable laundry.Hard, supporting the thumb them and feel less moisture. Keep nails moisturized.

  • Do manicure on weekly basis and pedicure once a month before six months of your wedding day. Consult a nail specialist and have treatment if your nails are weak.
  • Do special care of your hands & feet at home. Apply some nail oil or balm for better growth and healthy nails and avoid dish washing and dealing with soil in garden.
  • Select your wedding day shade for your nails that will be in best combination with your dress. Consult your beautician or manicurist in this regard.
  • Length of your nails must not be too long.
  • If you find it difficult for you to do nail art then you can also get some ready to use false nails with best art on them in different colors, sizes and styles. Here are some cool pictures of you to select best one or go to beauty saloons with an idea in your mind.

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