Thursday, 11 October 2012

For the Big Day - Beauty and body care

Your physical beauty will depend a lot on your skin. All brides are eager to have a smooth and delicate skin on their big day. It is never too early to start your skin care regime. There are manybeauty products out there that claim to reach incredible results in few days. Some make good on this claim but the best option is to go to the dermatologist to have a specific treatment for your type of skin. Use face masks to clean pores and rinse with cold water to prevent dirt from coming back as it will seal the pores shut and tighten up your skin.

- Beauty treatments and relaxation therapy

As we all know, planning a wedding is a daunting task and very stressful moment for a bride to-be. The fact is that if you accumulate stress it will show on your Big Day. Find a whole day to release from it somehow. Schedule a massage or spa treatment two days before the wedding, and why not take your hubby-to-be with you? Some beautician offer a special wedding body treatment to get your body prepared for that unforgettable day!
Finally, it's very important to use the most simple and natural way to relax: get enough sleep. Easier said than done when you are overwhelmed with the planning of such event. But you have to find the time for yourself and have full and good nights' rest. This is essential to regenerate your skin and have that perfect glowing complexionfor the wedding.

- Waxing and manicure

It's best to remove hair 3 or 4 days before the wedding to allow skin irritation and skin redness to shade off before the Big day. Make sure you exfoliate well to avoid ingrown hairs and moisturise your skin.
Your hands will drag a great attention as everybody will like to see your wedding ring. Your fingers should look perfect and a French manicure looks great for a wedding and matches perfectly with a white wedding gown. And don't forget the pedicure! You may have chosen to wear a close toe shoe, but for your wedding everything should be perfect from head to toe!

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